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Join a Community

You can join our official Siva Discord community server, or any other server that has the Siva bot invited.

Write messages, or add reactions

It is as simple as writing a message in the chat, or adding a reaction to a message written by a community member.

Check your Balance

To check your earned engagement points and interact with Siva, enter the command /balance.

Withdraw µSIVA into Crypto

Withdraw engagement points into cryptocurrencies by entering the command /withdraw, and choosing the coin you want.

Start to earn

Install Guide (Free Version)

Add engage2earn utility to communities in <30s ⇒ Boost members' growth & satisfaction

Advanced Backend

Everything can be controlled in the Dashboard.

Customize and control everything in Sivas' Backend ⇒ Founder Pass required!

Siva Backend


Entertaining Games and Happy Hours.

Siva comes jampacked with entertainment to boost your community engagement. Besides discord games will fully automated reward distribution, and asset-backed vote2earn there is a plethora of features to discover with Siva. Explore and complete daily quest (receive more rewards, the more dailies you complete), check your earnings in a stunning UI, withdraw directly into cryptocurrency and much more.

Discord Games
Daily Quests
Happy Hours
Advanced leveling system
Fully automated reward distribution
100% non-custodial

Collabs & Partners

Choose between Free & Custom Versions

You can join and earn in all of our Partners Discord servers. Free Version means the free public Siva bot is installed - Custom Version indicates, that the fully branded Whitelabel Solution is enabled.

Version Comparison

Name Version Discord
Partner Logo Axion Free Join
Partner Logo Betswirl Free Join
Partner Logo BULLygon Custom Join
Partner Logo CryptoCrew NFTs Custom Join
Partner Logo Full Spend Mining Free Join
Partner Logo GM Gaming ETH Custom Join
Partner Logo Meta Mystic Superheroes Free Join
Partner Logo Pier Wallet Free Join
Partner Logo Polygon Apes Punks Club Custom Join
Partner Logo Powered By Polygon Free Join
Partner Logo Smart Finance OMNI Dex Free Join
Partner Logo Siva E2E Official Free Join
Partner Logo The Matic Greys Free Join
Partner Logo The Space Ape Society Free Join
Partner Logo The Dog House Custom Join
Partner Logo Wolves of Altstreet Free Join

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