Mint an Access Card

The Starter and Founder Pass act like access cards to Web3 ⇒ Withdraw engagement points into all currencies that we currently support, and unlock the full potential of Siva with a Founder Pass, giving you access to the customizable Whitelabel Solution.

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Siva Starter Pass

SIVA Starter Pass

✅ +2 per Engagement
✅ Enable Withdraw

Mint Price: 5 MATIC

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SIVA Founder Pass

✅ +5 per Engagement
✅ Enable Withdraw
✅ Exclusive Airdrops
Whitelabel Solution

Mint Price: 130 MATIC

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Siva Founder Pass

Important - How to Activate Benefits?

  1. Enter command /connect-wallet in Discord
  2. Enter the 0x Address that holds your Mintpass
  3. Hit Submit & Enjoy!