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since 2022/07/07

Engage-to-earn Ecosystem
For Discord, and soon Telegram and Twitter

Reward your Community

#chat2earn + #react2earn + #tweet2earn = #engage2earn

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Fun, Easy & Secure

Be a part of Web3

No prior knowledge required!
1. Join a Discord (must have the free Siva Bot invited!)
2. Write messages or add emojis to messages
3. Type /balance in the Discord chat window

For everyone, everywhere

Collabs & Partners

We work with the best in Web3.

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For Web3 Project Founders
and Discord Server Owners
Simply add Engage-to-Earn Utilities to your own Project.

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The public Siva Engage-to-Earn Ecosystem is 100% free to use.
Premium-Features like the Custom Bot or Tweet2Earn Reward Types, require a Founder Mintpass.

Spinning Siva Engage2Earn Logo Animated

by Ew0x Labs