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How to Play

1. Connect your Wallet
2. Check your SIVA Balance - Buy SIVA
3. Click on 'Buy Ticket' to join a Loop

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Presenting an innovative dApp on the Arbitrum blockchain, where participants can win rewards through a secure, transparent, and equitable gaming system. Powered by smart contracts and the SIVA ERC20 token, our platform delivers a seamless experience for engaging in Lucky Loop rounds.

One ticket, wins everything – that's all the SIVA tokens from every ticket sold for a Lucky Loop!

✅ Payable with SIVA
✅ Secure and Transparent
✅ Assets stored on-chain
✅ The winner takes it all
✅ Fully automated payments

Participants enter by purchasing tickets with SIVA tokens, utilizing features like the EIP-2612 permit function for streamlined token spending.

Lucky Loop is not only for entertainment but also a demonstration of the enormous potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing traditional concepts like round based games.