Discord Security

We protect your Community from Raids, Hackers, Scams & Spam!

Discord Security Audits

We offer two types of Discord Security Audits (can be combined):

  • Black Box Audit is a security audit in which all details of the IT Systems (like Discord Roles, User and Staff Permission, Webhooks, Bots, etc.) remain unknown. The auditor tries to get access to the internal systems, by getting himself an overview of the IT landscape and spot potential attack surfaces which can be compromised to gain access to elevated permission.
  • White Box Audit is a security audit in which all details of the IT Systems are known to the auditor. In this stage, the auditor checks for known vulnerabilities, the correct and secure implementation of best-practices (permissions, settings etc.) and additional bots that have been invited to the server.
  • The findings will be classified in the following manner:
    • Low Risk: Does not effect Server or User Security
    • Medium Risk: Can effect Server or User Security
    • High Risk: Highly effects Server or User Security

As a fundamental principle, every team member involved places a paramount emphasis on maintaining the strictest confidentiality for all findings and audit reports within the context of IT security.

Experience Discord Security

Creation & Hardening

Depending on your company or project's requirements, our Discord Creation and Hardening Service includes:

  • Inner/Team Security (Anti-Nuke, Cold-Admins)
  • External Security (Verification, Anti-Raid, Joingate)
  • Industry-leading Security Best-Practices, including for example Cold-Admin account concepts and strictly following the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)
  • Token Gated Community Configuration
  • Permission and Role Management
  • Secure Bots and Webhooks Configuration
  • Community Management Procedures
  • Regulatory and Discord ToS Compliance
  • Staff and Team Management Processes
  • Internal and external Event Management
  • Games and Entertainment for Members
  • General Configuration (Anti-Raid, Auto-Mod, Security-Settings)
  • Discord "Community" Configuration (Welcome-Screen, Rules)
  • Discord Server Directories
  • General Security Recommendations for Staff and Members
  • Visual and Content recommendations
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Hourly-Rate: $100 USD

No company or project is the same, so are the prices for our Services, please contact us for a free custom proposal. A rough idea can be obtained from the following prices:

  • Default Server Creation (10h) = $1000 USD
  • Tokengated Server Creation (20h) = $2000 USD
  • Small Black Box Security Audit (2h) = $200 USD
  • Small White Box Security Audit (4h) = $400 USD
  • Team & Mod Training (3h) = $300 USD
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