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Web3 Vetting Service

Vetting a Web3 project or company has many challenges. Here is our approach to deliver best-in-class results:

  • Full Body Assessment is what we call our concept to approach audits of Web3 companies and projects from all angles.
  • The Head is the team behind the project or company. In detailed video calls and chats we talk to all department leaders (founders, blockchain developers, game developers, marketing personnel, community managers, etc.) to get the full picture of the team's composition and mindset.
  • The Body is the community behind a project or company. It is what connects every part of the body with each other and is as equally important as all other parts of the body. We join communities (public and/or stealth) to get a first hand picture of the members and staff mood and manners.
  • The Arms is everything related to development and creation. Here come smart contract audits, code quality, coding guidelines, versioning tools, or art pipelines into play.
  • The Legs is the product that is being developed by the project or company. Being it a smart contract based dApp, a traditional web app, art or PFPs. Without a good, innovative, and working product, no project or company will grow and walk its way up the ladder of success.
  • The results will be classified in the following manner:
    • Green Flag: We can fully recommend the project/company
    • Yellow Flag: Be prepared for a few low or medium risk findings or a project in a very early stage of its journey
    • Red Flag: Hands Off! Our audits revealed high risk findings.

All team members involved treat all findings and audit reports as highly confidential by default.

We offer no financial advice! Always do your own research.

In Detail

Depending on the company or project, our Vetting Service includes:

  • Assessment of the inner structure and security awareness of the project or company leaders and communities
  • Voice calls, Chats, Twitter Spaces with responsible parties
  • Audits of existing Smart-Contract Audits and Source Codes
  • Check compliance with regulations and standards (GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC2, ISO27001)
  • Analytics of social structures and engagements
  • Evaluation and rating of the vision and history behind the product
  • Many more undisclosed Audit procedures - if you want to know more, please schedule a meeting
  • Professional audit report with listing of all findings and procedures


To accommodate for the huge amount of time it takes to thoughtfully vet a project or company, we split our audits into 2 categories. Depending on the size and progress of a project, prices may vary. Please contact us for a free custom proposal. The following prices can provide a general approximation:

  • High Level
    Duration: ~1-2d, Prices start from $800 USD
  • Deep Dive
    Duration: ~5-10d, Prices start from $4000 USD
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